Financial Assistance Program 

The Youthfront Financial Assistance Program is supported by donations from concerned individuals who have a heart for our programs and desire to help provide a quality Christian experience for youth who otherwise would be unable to participate.  The program provides assistance to qualifying youth who wish to participate in applicable Youthfront programs.  Donations to support this fund and Youthfront’s  programs are tax-deductible.

Who qualifies?

Families may apply for an individual scholarship.  An application is included with this information.  Partial assistance of varying amounts is given to individuals based on their income level, financial need and unique or extenuating circumstances.  Each request is considered on an individual basis, and we do our best to work with all applicants.

Who fills out the application?

Each application must be completed and submitted by a parent or guardian and can be done online.

How much individual scholarship is available?

The applicant and/or family will be asked to pay a portion of the total cost.  This amount will be determined by several things, including the amount available in the scholarship fund.  The applicant must pay at least the deposit, which is to be included with the registration.

How do I apply?

Simply fill out the online application below. A tax return or official proof of income may be required for verification purposes. Your application will be reviewed carefully, and you will be notified of the amount of financial assistance to be given.  All information is kept confidential.  Should you have questions, please call our Office at (913) 262-3900.

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