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Youthfront and I met 12 years ago as an incoming seventh grade student camping at South, which is now LaCygne, for the first time. I was sent to camp by my grandma, who sent her own children (my mom included) and committed to sending each of her grandkids when they were of age. To say that I fell in love with everything camp encompassed would be an understatement. This space is where I learned to love Jesus and be loved by Him.

Throughout middle school and high school, I was under the impression that the coolest people you would ever meet worked at camp (it’s true) and I wanted to be just like them. My cabin leaders were joyful, ridiculously awesome, confident in the Lord, and somehow thought I was pretty neat too. One in particular, Katherine Ebling, left the greatest impact on my life. I remember sitting in the Snack Shack at South with Katherine, sharing my fears and struggles. As a teenage girl, I struggled with body image, finding my worth in the opinions of boys. She looked at me, smiled, and said, “Girl, let me tell you, I struggle with the same thing.” In that moment, I learned that people who love Jesus don’t have perfectly put-together lives, but they love a perfect God and in that, rejoice despite fears and struggles. Katherine welcomed me into a sisterhood with her during that week as we navigated our similar fears together. That sisterhood and community I found at camp several years ago was and continues to be such a vital part of my life.

This summer marks my fourth year on Summer Staff. I have served in many roles, including Cabin Leader, Teen Staff Supervisor, and Cabin Leader Supervisor. Each position is equally as rewarding and stretching. Every summer has represented a different season of life, but the one constant continues to be the invitation into a community so committed to loving kids, loving each other, and serving like Jesus. There aren’t enough words or blog space to share what the Youthfront community means to me. It simply is the best job in the world with the most superb people loving the greatest God.

 Heidi Drechsler, Summer Staff at Youthfront Camp West

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