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At Youthfront, we desire to minister to high school students while also assisting the local church. We believe our unique contribution in this season reflects three foundational practices of the Youthfront way of life: prayer, community, and service.

We desire to teach, practice and live out this way of life with high school students through our primary programs. Our High School Retreats are a formational experience designed to help high school students better discover their identity, faith and it’s expression in the world. Teen Staff is a communal experience for high school students to live, love and serve together. Missional Journeys are an opportunity to come together and learn how we can create a more just and reconciled world through Christian formation experiences. We hope that you will join us! 

Teen Staff

Teen Staff is a communal experience for high school students to live, love, and serve together through Youthfront programs and events. This trusted group of Teen Staff play a very important role in all Youthfront programs.  Whether at camp in the kitchen, lifeguarding at a retreat, or helping at a Something to Eat packing event, we are creating more opportunities for Teen Staff to serve. Serving with other like-minded students will create friendships that will last year-round. Teen Staff learn together through community and purposeful reflection about what it means to love Jesus and others.

Missional Journeys

Croc is a low income, fast growing, community on the outskirts of Monterrey, Mexico where Youthfront started an after-school program for youth in the town more than 16 years ago. Today, this program is led by locals and provides kids in Croc with fun activities and additional classroom time.

Students who have gone to Croc in the past have come back changed.  They tend to be more compassionate and generous, have an expanded worldview, a deeper love for people and a stronger desire to see God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

*For 2022, we will also be offering trips to the northern border town Ciudad Acuna, in Mexico. We will have more information coming so contact us if you are interested. 

These trips will include opportunities to not only slow down but we will also serve side by side with friends old and new, hang out with kids from the after-school program, get to know people in the community, time to discuss our faith and cross-cultural experiences, road trip adventures, and delicious food (lots of tacos!!!). We are excited for the students involved in our Teen Staff program to experience another life-transforming experience with other high school students they serve beside throughout the summer.

It is not uncommon to leave Croc wondering if you made a difference in the lives of those you meet, but you know without a doubt that you have grown and changed because of the new relationships you’ve made.

High School Retreats

Grades 9-12: High school retreats are an interactive experience where high school students have a blast and experience a wide range of indoor and outdoor fun through activities at the Youthfront Camp facilities. In addition to connecting in meaningful ways with friends, high school students are given the space and time to experience more of God’s presence and begin to answer the harder questions like “Is God real?” or “Does God really care about the world’s problems?” As high school students engage in practices including prayer, scripture reading, and conversation, they will begin to define who they are, where they fit in and learn how to live out God’s mission in the world.


“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time.  But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”-Lilla Watson


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