Argentine & Mexico Information

*About Croc: For nearly 20 years, Youthfront has had a community development presence in Croc, Mexico, on the outskirts of Monterrey. It began with Youthfront staff who committed to living there, building relationships and learning how Youthfront and Missional Journey teams coming from the U.S. could come alongside the community. 

The neighborhood expressed a need for a safe after-school program for kids. Today, Youthfront Imagina provides homework help, a safe place to play, friendships and a daily time set aside to connect with God through prayer and devotions. The program typically serves 40 young people a day.

Since its founding, Youthfront transitioned local leadership of the program to Mexican national staff, who now manage the day-to-day operations. Donors support the staff and programs, and Missional Journey teams come alongside the local community assisting with projects.

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