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I first found out about Youthfront through friends when I was in middle school, and it seemed like a fun way to spend time with peers as well as grow in my relationship with Christ. Some of my favorite aspects of Youthfront are being able to build new relationships with so many different types of individuals, in addition to serving campers and learning more about God.

A certain memory of  Teen Staff that will always stick out in my mind was when I showed up to my very first week not knowing anyone and I was immediately welcomed into the Teen Staff community. Throughout the course of that week, I was really able to talk and connect with many of the people Teen Staffing there with me, and by the time I left, I considered them family. This event really showed me how Teen Staff promotes a sense of community, and now as a returning sophomore, I want to be able to welcome the newcomers in the same way that I was welcomed.

Youthfront has had a major impact on my spiritual journey. I’ve seen myself go from a middle schooler who didn’t know a good way to let God into her life, to now seeing the Lord in new ways each day, while continuing to grow in my faith and know what it means to give up your wants and needs to serve others. During our week of Teen Staff, we are given time to reflect individually. One of the reflections that made an impression on me was the “hour of silence” where we were given time to be with God. This allowed me to disconnect with the outside world and see God’s beauty through different parts of camp. After Teen Staffing my freshman year and continuing into my sophomore year, I know that I want to continue serving campers at Youthfront through the rest of high school, as well as potentially Summer Staffing once I’ve graduated. Camp is one of the best opportunities to find the Lord and meet new people.

Maya Freeman, Teen Staff

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