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My name is Mac and I moved to KC in sixth grade. I graduated high school at Blue Valley West and followed my older sister to the University of Iowa where I will graduate in May with a Bachelor’s of Science and Engineering in Electrical Engineering after 5 years of study. After graduation, I’m moving back to KC to work full-time with Youthfront as the Teen Staff Director at YF Camp West.

I was raised Catholic and confirmed through the Catholic church in 7th grade. After my confirmation, my parents told me I could do what I wanted to with my faith and I decided to stop pursuing it. It wasn’t until a year and half later when I started high school that a couple of friends of mine invited me to their youth group. I joined their bible study and throughout high school we did service projects, went on mission trips, had barbecues, and camped at Youthfront together.

My freshman year of high school was my first exposure to camp and it’s where I first gave my life to Christ after hearing the Gospel clearly presented for the first time. While I continually explored my faith throughout high school, I was always under the impression that there were a limited number of ways to worship God. I can worship through prayer, song, or studying scripture, but God is separate from the rest of my life. Camp taught me that worship is woven into all areas of our life. It doesn’t have to be an outward display of lifting our hands in praise or in verbal declaration that Jesus is Lord, but that praise and declaration is also in the quality of our work, the attitude with which we live and interact with others, and the way we steward Gods creation that surrounds us.

All 5 summers of my college career have involved working at Youthfront in some capacity. The summer before freshman year I was a volunteer cabin leader, sophomore year I was a Summer Staff cabin leader, and junior year through my most recent summer I was one of the sports supervisors. When it came time to decide what I wanted to do as a full-time career, I had a hard time deciding between the workplace of engineering which I had worked so hard towards or continuing doing ministry at Youthfront and setting aside my degree. Ultimately, I chose camp after looking back on my time in college and finding more joy in the experiences and knowledge that I had gained from camp as opposed to those solving integrals and drawing circuits in the classroom.

Throughout my four summers on staff, I’ve had the opportunity to form many meaningful relationships within the Teen Staff community and get to know how genuinely awesome and passionate they are. I’ve been able to witness their journeys from freshman to seniors, their progression from shy and quiet first time Teen Staff to strong leaders in the camp community, their discovery of what it means to seek the Lord with intention, and their finding identity in what the Lord declares as truth over them in Scripture. I’m excited to be the Teen Staff Director at West because camp has consistently been a strong foundation for the formation of my faith and now I’m able to share that foundation with students that I love and care about. I’m looking forward to not only being a friend and mentor for these students, but also a tool for them to use in their spiritual journey to help them grow in maturity, knowledge and community.

Even though I wouldn’t have predicted that this would be my career path when I first started studying engineering at Iowa, I am confident that my new role of leading and walking alongside these students at Youthfront is the intersection where my passion has met God’s will for ministry in my life.

Mac Maser, Teen Staff Director 

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