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This is my first summer being employed by Youthfront, but it already has been an experience that has changed my life. I was initially connected to Youthfront by a few friends from school who had worked at Youthfront LaCygne previously. All of them had told me how awesome it was and how much God was moving in the camp, so I decided I needed to try it out before I graduate college. Being away from the city really does bring the quiet and stillness of nature; when you take away all the noise of life—all the technology and busyness—you can more easily focus on your own personal walk with God and share with the community your growth and develop spiritually and personally together. Youthfront has opened doors to me and has given me thought into what I may want to do in the future after I graduate college. Living in a Christ-filled community allows you to do life with other believers and better understand what it means to be a follower of God.

A specific moment that stuck out to me was when a pilgrim who I was a home host for said he was pondering atheism before the camp started; he said that after the gatherings together, daily prayer, and various classes offered during each day, he became a new man of God and was ready to continue his growth after he left. One of my favorite parts about Youthfront is the daily prayer. So often in our lives outside of the summer and camp, we forget to pray and sing songs of praise to God, which He is so worthy of. Prayer is such a crucial thing to partake in, as it is one of the main ways to talk personally with God. Every time we all pray together, my heart feels full with love and adoration and passion for God. Singing is a huge part of my life and some of the moments that I have felt closest to God have been during worship through songs. Sometimes I just stop singing and listen to all the other voices that are proclaiming God’s name and how great and awesome He is; that truly is a feeling that nothing of this world can ever give me.

Youthfront has helped me grow so much spiritually and it’s only been 5 weeks since I first got here! I truly am excited to see how God uses all of us summer staff and all the pilgrims we will encounter the rest of the summer. God is truly moving and active within Youthfront.

Tanner Boots, Home Host at Youthfront LaCygne

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