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My name is Whitney Van Dyke and I am going to be a sophomore at Mill Valley High School. I have grown up in a Christian family and I have always known who God was and what he does. But I had never really connected personally with God and I really wanted to be able to do that.

I went to Youthfront Camp West two years ago when I was going into my eighth grade year and I fell in love with it. I loved the energy and the hype that it brought and I enjoyed every minute of it. The people I met there and the friends that I got closer with was worth the time away from home.

I first found out about Youthfront through two of my friends who had been going to it the past few years and that said they had loved it, so I decided to give it a try. I loved everything about it–both Camp West and Camp LaCygne. Both camps brought joy to me that I never thought was possible. It showed me that living in God’s image every day was possible and that God will love you forever no matter what.

One memory that I specifically remember from Camp West was every morning, my cabin leader, Hannah, would wake us up with the song Chainsaw by Family Force 5. Then when I got home from Youthfront, the first thing I did was go on my phone and buy that song. I listened to it nonstop for the next two weeks because I missed camp so much and it reminded me of it. It was also a very catchy song.

Another memory I have that I will never forget is from Camp LaCygne. After Nightstrike, we had a huge dance party. This was a time for me to let all my worries go and just enjoy the time with my friends and dance like nobody was watching, which is exactly what I did. That was probably one of the best nights of my life purely because of how happy I was to be at Youthfront.

The last memory I will never forget is Zumba. I had loved Zumba before I even came to Youthfront and the fact that they had it there made me 10x more excited. My favorite song we did was Waka Waka by Shakira because of how upbeat and fun it was.

Overall, both Youthfront camps made me realize how good God really is and how much I need to praise him for giving me a wonderful life to live.

Whitney Van Dyke, Camper at Youthfront Camp LaCygne

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