Snack Shack KC

Program Overview and Goals

Snack Shack KC is a cool place for Argentine youth to hang out after school with their friends, with cheap snacks, within walking distance, at a place parents and guardians can trust.

Snack Shack KC is a youth-run venture that was launched through Imagine Argentine, Youthfront’s youth social entrepreneurship program.  The youth cohort of 2015 identified two problems they wanted to change in their neighborhood.  First, too many teenagers are bored and lonely after school (often leading to depression and destructive activities).  Second, too many empty, neighborhood storefronts make them feel like they live in a ghetto.  Snack Shack KC was born out of these goals–to create a place where youth can hang out with their friends after school, to transform an empty storefront, and to do this through a financially-sustainable business model that creates youth employment and works within the typical constraints of low-income neighborhoods and families by making it walkable, affordable, and safe.

Ministry Opportunities

Youth social entrepreneurship at Youthfront is first, about sparking the imagination of youth to join God’s mission to bring about restoration–to bring glimpses of heaven on earth–especially in communities experiencing a lot of brokenness.  Second, it’s about equipping youth with practical skills and providing support to make their dreams become reality.  

The youth team who created Snack Shack KC have diligently worked over the last two years pushing through significant roadblocks to bring social change for isolated and lonely youth as well as to bring about physical transformation–all signs of God’s kingdom marked by beauty and connection.  Not only will hundreds of young people in Argentine benefit from a great space to connect with friends, Snack Shack KC will be a living example of how each one of them might be called to join God’s mission of restoration themselves inspiring them towards even greater things yet in store for our neighborhood.

We are currently in need of $10,000 to get the building set up and ready to go.  This includes everything from the first inventory purchase to tables and chairs.  Will you consider helping us reach our startup cost goal so students in the Argentine neighborhood will have a place to go to after school or buy something off their wishlist by clicking here?  We also hope you stop by for a snack once we are open for business!

If you are interested in volunteering at Snack Shack KC please click here and fill out the form.

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Snack Shack KC


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Snack Shack KC Start Up Fund

Help the Argentine students with the startup cost for Snack Shack KC!

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