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2019 Hype Themes

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The camp countdown is on! We are so excited to announce the Hype themes for the summer! Hypes at Youthfront Camp are the crazy fun theme nights each day. Campers and staff dress up in costumes and participate in themed challenges with their cabin mates, vie for the spirit stick, and experience a silly, fun night.  The following is a rundown of each theme:


Complete the challenges, follow the map, and find the key to unlock the legendary treasure of Youthfront Camp. Grab your brown fedora and get ready for this epic adventure!




Night Strike has been a staple with Youthfront for decades! Put on your camouflage and dark clothing for this classic team competition under the stars. Do you have what it takes to get to the Tower of Power?




Comb your mullet, slip on your leg warmers, and dial back your DeLorean to 1985 for our totally tubular pool party. Activities include a belly flop contest, whirl pool, and more!




Once upon a time, at a summer camp far, far away, a special festival was about to begin. Princes and princesses, elves and ogres were gathered for this celebration of brave quests, epic tales, and the classic stories we know and love. Games will be explained at camp.




Lights, camera, action! There will be awards, dancing, and plenty of night blobbing. But first, be ready to strike a pose on the red carpet as your favorite character from screens big and small.




We can’t wait to see all of your creative outfits! If you have any questions or need help with ideas, let us know. We’ll see you this summer!

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