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Q&A with Sarah Day

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Baker University student Sarah Day joined Summer Staff last year wanting to fulfill internship requirements and gain experience in her major.

What she additionally gained was a community of people that surrounded her in love, support, and authenticity. Sarah enjoyed staffing so much that she will be returning this summer as the Wellness Director at Youthfront Camp West.

What motivates you to keep coming back to Youthfront, even if you’ve participated in YF activities many times before?

I was supposed to only be at Youthfront for three weeks to do an internship before leaving to work on other summer classes. I loved it so much that I ended up working all summer, thanks to the camp director making time for me to do the schoolwork I needed to get done.

The community at Youthfront is amazing — being in a place where everyone’s heart and mind is running the same race is very cool and very impactful.

What are some of your biggest fears or struggles in life?

It’s really easy in today’s society to think you’re not good enough in so many different ways — physically, talent-wise, and through comparing yourself to others.

How does your involvement with Youthfront help you with those fears or struggles?

[Youthfront] makes it so easy to be vulnerable and authentically me. Youthfront helps me through constant reminders in teachings and community time that I am His and the worth that others see in me, even when I can’t see the qualities in myself.

What are some of the challenges kids your age face today?

The pressure to be perfect and to meet the expectations for behavior and appearance that the secular world sets.

What is one lie that you fight against?

That I’m not offering anything truly valuable to the world.

Does your involvement with Youthfront help fight against that lie?

Yes, Youthfront provides a year-round community of guys and gals that are so easy to talk to and who quickly turned into friends.

Do you think peer pressure is real or not?

Yes, the pressure to fall into what society says is the norm is constant and around every corner. It’s almost like it’s inescapable.

If someone asked you what Youthfront was, what would you say?

Youthfront is a place that mixes super cool and fun activities with powerful messages from the Word and a strong community that lasts well beyond the gates of camp.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from participating in YF programs?

That I have leadership qualities I didn’t know I had and I can mentor others.

Has Youthfront helped you with any doubts you have about your faith?

I didn’t have a lot of doubts when it came to faith, but it’s definitely helped me with discernment in how I handle my words and actions, and on my path towards sanctification.

Do you feel like Jesus is more real to you since you’ve been involved in Youthfront programs? If not, why?

I feel like it’s very easy to see Jesus in a camp setting because pure joy is so prevalent.

If you could pick your favorite thing about Youthfront, what would it be?

Worship time, group Bible study, and hanging out on the dock.

What would happen if Youthfront didn’t exist?

Less people would hear God’s story.

Why do people in our communities need to know about Youthfront?

People should know about Youthfront because they could also be touched by its many missions. Not only is it a summer camp, but Youthfront is involved in many other missions programs that benefit people globally.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in your life by being involved with Youthfront?

I’ve become more outspoken with my faith and less afraid to talk to others about it. I’ve also become more confident in some of my spiritual gifts as well. Overall, I see the world differently and have learned to appreciate the many different seasons of life and to find joy in each.


Sarah Day

Sarah Day (left) with Summer Staffer Claire Franey

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