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2020 Hype Themes

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Although the 2020 Camp season is starting later than past summers, we are ready for campers to join us June 29 for the first day of camp! For kids camp and middle school sessions, campers participate in Hype — super fun, themed activities and games each evening. Costumes are encouraged — the more eccentric, the better! Here are the 2020 Hype themes with a brief rundown of each:



Hype Olympics

Congratulations! You have been chosen to represent your team in the 2020 Hype Olympics. This is why you and your teammates have been training your whole lives! Come and compete for a chance to take home the gold for your team and become the 2020 Hype Olympics champions!


Night Strike


Night Strike has been a staple and Hype favorite with Youthfront for decades! Put on your camouflage and dark clothing for this classic team competition under the stars. Do you have what it takes to get to the Tower of Power?


Fancy Pants Pool Party 


You are cordially invited to the fanciest of all pool parties. Silly dances will be served, as well as games, snacks, and the most eloquent belly flop contest this side of Buckingham Palace. Dress code is fancy-pancy, so dust off those top hats, polish those monocles, and comb your mustaches. This Fancy Pants Pool Party will be splashing!


Space Explorers


A new planet has been found in deep space! Each team is in a race to claim the planet as their own! However, to be the first to land there, you’ll have to compete with the other Space Explorers to prepare your spaceship and yourself for alien interaction and be the first to BLAST OFF and claim the new planet for your team! Are you ready to go where no Hype Team has gone before?


PJ Party Madness


It’s time to show off your best and craziest pajamas for a sleepover-style extravaganza involving your 200+ best friends. This amazing night will include a dance party, makeovers, dodgeball, and special surprises that will have you holding on to your sleeping caps!


We can’t wait to see all of your creative outfits! If you have any questions about Hype themes or need help with ideas, let us know. We’ll see you this summer!

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