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1. What did you enjoy the most about being part of the Youthfront community down in Mexico?

The Youthfront community is a group of people committed to the mission of God. Being a part of the community is a blessing because while I can serve, I am also served by passionate and willing people. Youthfront’s ministry is holistic. It looks to reach out to both those who are marginalized but also to expose systems and environments to those who haven’t seen those injustices and other parts of God’s kingdom and the work He is already doing in those places. I enjoy learning and being around like-minded missional believers!

2. Why would you invite others to come to Croc, Mexico?

I would invite anyone and everyone to come to Croc, Mexico, because the people in the community are some of the most hospitable and loving people I have ever met! I was encouraged in the diligence of ministry and fellowship that Croc exhibited. Kids and adults alike are so much fun to be around and share so much joy that is not the same at home. I also think it is important to get out of our comfort zones and encounter God in new ways.

Annie Keel, Summer Volunteer at Youthfront Imagina in Croc, Mexico 

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