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My junior year of high school, I camped at Youthfront for the first time. I remember hearing about Teen Staff that week, and I ended up meeting a lot of Teen Staff who talked about how transformational the program had been for them. So, my senior year I decided to Teen Staff for eight weeks (both at LaCygne and West), and it was exactly what they said it would be: transformational.

The summer I spent on Teen Staff was one of the most transformational summers of my life. I was constantly around people who I looked up to. I learned more about what “faith” is, and how to build a relationship with God. It was through being at camp that the Lord drew me deeper into His presence and revealed Himself to me in powerful ways.

After spending one summer serving at Youthfront, I wanted more. So, for the next two summers, I was a part of Summer Staff at Youthfront Camp West. Those summers continued to transform me. I was learning more and more about what a personal relationship with the Lord looks like. I started discovering my passions and dreams. But I think the most important thing I learned during those summers is the importance of community. Living with the same group of people for three months will teach you a lot about loving people. Like… REALLY loving people. Going through the good times and bad times, sacrificing for each other, dealing with conflict, finding balance, and the list goes on. Christ calls us to live in community with each other. He calls us to accountability and vulnerability with each other. My experiences at Youthfront showed me that community is something vital for every Christ follower.

This summer, I was a marketing intern for Youthfront. In the fall, I prayed so hard about summer because I knew I couldn’t be a part of Summer Staff again, but I didn’t feel like my time with Youthfront was over quite yet. I’m thankful that the Lord felt the same way. It all fell into place so perfectly, and it was a blast. I learned so much about marketing in the nonprofit world, but I also continued to learn a lot about myself and my faith.

As I think back on the last four summers serving with Youthfront, I see the hand of God over every situation and encounter. I see the Lord transforming the lives of campers, staff, parents, and volunteers. I am blessed to have been a part of Youthfront – an instrument that God is using to bring salvation to His children. I will carry the lessons I’ve learned from this ministry with me for the rest of my life. In whatever adventures the Lord has for me, the transformation I experienced through Youthfront will forever mark me. Although my summers to come won’t be filled with an intentional staff community and camp sunsets, I am filled with joy when I reminisce on the ways that God proved Himself faithful and loving during those seasons.

So, thank you to the staff at Youthfront who have prayerfully sought the Lord’s will and have been obedient to His commands. Because of this faithfulness, Youthfront has been a story of transformation for countless people – and will be for many more in the coming days.

Katie Linsey, Marketing Intern at Youthfront 

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