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I got involved in Youthfront because my older siblings had camped at both West and South (now LaCygne) when they were growing up. I would take them to camp with my parents and couldn’t wait until it was my turn to go.

When I was old enough, I camped at West with one of my best friends. We continued camping just the two of us through the kids camp sessions and full middle school weeks. However, my best memories of camp came when I served on Teen Staff at West.

As a high school volunteer, I got to give back to the camp I had enjoyed so much as a camper while also growing in a community of other high schoolers who were like me and loved Jesus. I made some of my very best friends as a Teen Staffer, some of whom I get to serve alongside now as Summer Staff. Teen Staffing at West pushed me so far in my spiritual journey. I learned what it meant to rely on others, I was taught valuable lessons in how to ask for help and also how to help others, and I was treated as an adult when I was sometimes used to being a little sister. I loved Teen Staff because I felt like I was important, mainly because the Summer Staff at West made me feel loved and valuable. I looked up to them so much, so it was a dream come true for me when I finally got to work at camp in the summer of 2015 as a cabin leader—something I had wanted to do ever since I was a camper.

Now, as I spend my second summer cabin leading, I have Youthfront to thank for making me bold and giving me the ability to step out of my comfort zone, be goofy, and unashamedly live out the gospel wherever I go. Youthfront has taught me that anyone can be a representative of Jesus Christ. As a cabin leader, I have seen campers help teach their fellow cabin mates about Jesus, as well as helping their families come to Christ when they are the only believer in their homes. I’ve seen Teen Staff serve selflessly like Christ did, helping out in every area of camp, whether it is in the kitchen, as a lifeguard, or simply picking up trash around camp. I have seen Summer Staff encourage one another throughout the summer, and I have felt the support of other staff when I’ve had a hard day or week. I’ve witnessed the service that our campers do when they package food through the Something To Eat initiative, and I have seen most importantly the way that the entire camp community loves and supports one another, in both the summer and school year alike.

I’m forever grateful to Youthfront for helping me develop an identity in Christ and giving me friends who will be with me for life; friends who pray for me, laugh with me, and most importantly just live life with me and continually push me towards the cross every day. I wouldn’t trade the precious summers I’ve spent at camp for anything, and as I serve again this summer as a cabin leader, I am reminded of the value and great privilege that I have to be a part of someone else’s Youthfront experience.

Becca Zeiger, Cabin Leader at Youthfront Camp West

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