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My name is Tucker Love and I serve as one of the Teen Staff Supervisors at Youthfront Camp West. This is the second summer that I have had the opportunity to be in this role, working with our high school volunteers at camp. It’s really through Teen Staff that I’m at this point now. Eight summers ago in 2009, I found myself at Youthfront Camp South (now LaCygne) as a Teen Staff volunteer during session 2. I had a practically new Bible (although it was three years old), a Moleskin journal, and this desire to figure something out. Frankly, I didn’t figure much out that first week or that first summer, other than I really enjoyed being at camp. Naturally, Youthfront entered my life at that point and it has weaved its way through the last eight years.

There is something about Youthfront that continues to draw me in and bring me back every summer. 2016 marks my fifth summer as a member of Summer Staff. Each summer has been a uniquely singular experience, but each one always contains this unifying element of community. I think Youthfront does community right. As a staff, we immerse ourselves in each others’ stories, learning and loving and teaching alongside one another for twelve weeks. We live through the joys and struggles of camp and life together. We serve our Lord, this camp, and campers together. It is exhausting to work at camp, but it’s life-giving work that we get to do together. It is a gift of God that we get to do community together.

This experience with community has shaped my life since I first started Teen Staffing. These communal living aspects also shape our Teen Staff program and the students we get to share Christ with. Each fall, as I moved out of the camp season and back into the “normal life” rhythm, aspects of the community at camp continued to impact me on a day to day basis. I believe we are called to love and serve in the spaces that God sends us into. A few hundred words can’t capture every aspect of someone’s faith, but the communities that make up Teen Staff and Summer Staff have deeply impacted who I am and what I think it means to live out a life devoted to Jesus.

Tucker Love, Teen Staff Supervisor at Youthfront Camp West

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