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Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea has camped at Youthfront every summer since she was in 3rd grade and she has Teen Staffed for a couple of years. Here’s a bit of her story.

Q: What has been your favorite experience you’ve had at Youthfront?
A: It was during the bonfire during my first week of Teen Staff. It’s a tradition where we all sit around a campfire on Friday night and just encourage each other in various ways in front of everyone else. It’s just really special because we are all sitting in the dark focused on this one bonfire. It just reminds me of Jesus—how you can be focused on something but still encouraging—because you can’t see their face, you can only hear their voice. It’s not intimidating in the dark and everyone just leaves feeling so encouraged. The first week I ever saw that done and seeing the community we have created in the program was just incredible to me.

Q: If you could describe your faith in three words, what would it be?
A: Ahh! This is hard! I would say… emotional, rewarding, and exciting.

Q: How has Youthfront changed you?
A: Because I’ve been here so long, I’ve grown up being surrounded by amazing people that I can observe and watch; I’ve just had so many great mentors. I feel like I’ve also learned a good balance of life; they’re good at making a point of having serious and solemn times, and also times of play and fun.

Q: What is something you learned from Luke 15 this summer?
A: I think it exposes us more to what the character of God is really like. I feel like the story of the Prodigal Son and the way Jamie (Roach) teaches it (to insert yourself into the story) makes it a new way of experiencing God. Because we all at one point or another act like one of the sons. It’s just awesome the incredible shame that we can go through, and God will still want to be with us.

Chelsea Philgreen, Teen Staff

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