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Youthfront has been home to me since I was eight years old and a first-time camper. Since then, it has always been the thing I look forward to most each summer and the thing that brings me such an overwhelming amount of happiness. When I step onto the campgrounds, I feel a rush of unexplainable joy and excitement for the week ahead of me. God works so strongly in each and every person involved with Youthfront, including everybody from staff members to campers, and I can definitely feel Him and His presence through the people who surround me during my weeks at camp.

This summer was my first year Teen Staffing and my eighth year camping (I will be going into my sophomore year of high school this fall). Going into my first week of Teen Staff, I was—as I see now—so unnecessarily anxious about not knowing anybody; I thought I wouldn’t be able to make friends as easily as I did and that I would spend the week just going through the motions, but I was so wrong. I made some of the best friends I have ever had throughout my three weeks on Teen Staff this summer, and each week, I made those friends within the first day. I felt God’s incredible love in me so actively whether I was working through free time as a lifeguard, doing Lectio Divina alongside my closest friends, in prayer as an entire camp, or having long dance parties with all of the other Teen Staffers (and let me tell you, there were many dance parties). The love I felt from Him allowed me to love on the people around me so well, and the love that filled everybody radiated throughout camp.

Teen Staffing at Youthfront has taught me to love fully and wholeheartedly and with everything I have. You can never love too much. The people at Youthfront accept you and love you for who you are no matter what, which is something you won’t find everywhere. The sense of community that is present while I am serving at camp is something so unimaginable yet so amazing. Being at Youthfront feels like getting the biggest and best hug for an entire week (and who doesn’t love hugs?). Youthfront has undoubtedly brought me some of the best, most fulfilling weeks of my life, and a big part of that is due to the love I cannot help but feel so firmly.

I will never be able to thank Youthfront enough for everything it has done for me (and will continue to do for me in future years). This camp has undeniably changed my life, and I am so grateful that God led me to it eight summers ago. I am so immensely thankful for the laughs, the friendships, and the utter happiness Youthfront has brought me, along with the way God has worked in me and changed me throughout my years at this camp. Youthfront will always be home to me.

Avery Dilley, Teen Staff

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