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Isabel’s Story

Q: How did you find out about Youthfront?
A: One of my best friends from church told me that I should try out this camp called Youthfront. As soon as I got there, I felt the presence of God and I just never looked back since then.

Q: What are your favorite aspects about Youthfront?
A: I love how passionate people are about God at Youthfront, and that everyone puts God and each other before themselves.

Q: Describe a memory involving Youthfront that you will always remember.
A: When we all sang the song “Heart Won’t Stop” and it just started with a few of us Teen Staff dancing in the back of the chapel, but by the end of the week, we got all the campers that week to sing their hearts out at the front during worship. It was just so amazing to see their hearts on fire for the Lord.

Q: How has Youthfront impacted your spiritual journey?
A: Every summer that I go there, I just feel closer to God. Each week, I realize how much God truly loves us and that all his love is unconditional no matter how many mistakes we make in life.

Q: Describe a moment that you experienced God at Youthfront.
A: When all of the Teen Staff were doing worship at worship night and you could just feel the love for Jesus in the chapel.

Q: Describe what Teen Staff is like in your own words. 
A: Living out the Teen Staff motto by taking backseat middle and doing some of the things in life that people don’t necessarily want to do—just doing that thing so people can see that there’s something different about me and how we can glorify Jesus through all of that.

Teen Staff is my favorite thing to do during the summer and I find so much joy being around people who Teen Staff; you can just see Jesus in all the people you get to hang out with. Also, doing fun things like Splash Park parties and dance parties after setting up and taking down chairs are just something I look forward to all year.

Isabel Van Vossen, Teen Staff

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