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David: an Interview


David Musgrave is a 2nd-year Summer Resident at Youthfront LaCygne. Last week, we had the opportunity to chat with him about his experiences at LaCygne.

Question: How has LaCygne impacted your life?

David: LaCygne has impacted my life through prayer. While at LaCygne, I was taught to be very intentional about my prayer. Although I have not been there in a while, I still feel rooted there because of my intentionality of prayer the LaCygne community instilled in me. It also brought me closer to the Lord through discussion. In the community, we discuss and decipher scripture. Through this practice, I have gained a whole new interpretation of the bible. This has impacted my spiritual journey because I now read the bible with a different mindset: interpreting the scriptures, not just looking at words on a page.

Q: What specifically about prayer has your experience at LaCygne taught you?

D: Through LaCygne, I have earned a huge appreciation towards prayer, community, and personal development for my spiritual life. I view prayer as a calming and soothing way to go through the day, where a few years ago I just thought I ‘had’ to do it at night. The community aspect of LaCygne is the best part. Through the interactions I have had with the community there, I have learned two lessons: living in a community of Christ is difficult, and if the community is dedicated to the Lord, your life is very prosperous.

Q: What else have you learned at LaCygne?

D: LaCygne makes relationships with other youth unique. I find myself in friendships based on the Lord, not just hanging out and watching movies. This is a necessity in the teenage world because we find trust in these relationships, which is tough to find in youth interactions.

I am excited to return to the community. I feel like it is my second home, and in the summer it is my true home. I am also excited for the Freshman and Sophomore Track, and hopefully mentoring the younger teens through a trying time in their spiritual journey.

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