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Haley and Lisa


This was going to be my first summer away from LaCygne. I woke up one morning a few months ago knowing I should be here this summer, and now I am! The community that my life lacked over the past nine months has been made up for tenfold. I have never been in a place where I felt God’s presence so consistently. Three times a day, at set hours, we stop whatever we are doing and go pray together- it’s so beautiful. I have never been so proud to be apart of a community and those moments I talk about- the ones you wish you could freeze- happen so often.

One of the residents at LaCygne is Lisa. She is probably the coolest person I know. She is brilliant, passionate, empathetic, creative, and beautiful. On Wednesday nights we have a book club that begins at seven which is about a half hour before I’m done in the kitchen so the first week I was a little late. This week when it was time for book club Lisa, who leads the book study, wouldn’t stop helping in the kitchen till I could leave too. She told me how it was killing her the whole last book study how they had left and started without me because we were a community. We were walking into the prayer chapel about 20 minutes late and Lisa said, “I don’t want to be a slave to the clock, I want to be a slave to people.”

We’re all a slave to something whether it’s the clock, money, work, or fitness. But imagine a world where we all wanted to be slaves for one another. I love learning and hearing the ideas of the others in my community. Our God is so good.

Haley Roach



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