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When I became a part of the Youthfront community two years ago, I was in a fundamental stage of my life. I had just finished my freshman year in high school and my heart needed a reminder of my identity in Christ. A good friend of mine told me about the opportunity of becoming a member of Teen Staff at West. I signed up without hesitation, mostly to occupy my summer, but deep down I was looking for a change. I ended up falling in love with Youthfront, both West and LaCygne, from the beginning.

Not only did I connect with my group of peers, but Jesus has this awesome way of using nature to connect with me on a personal level. During the weeks that I was on Teen Staff, I watched the sunrises and sunsets, took walks outside just to think or talk to Him. I enjoyed having the responsibility of a job, but also the freedom to seek Jesus in the moments of the day that were empty. When I was at LaCygne I spent most of my time outside, canoeing on the lake or sitting in the hammocks.

I have found that sometimes the human heart needs a place it can go to rest and be surrounded by others who are like-minded. It is in the community at Youthfront that I have found that resting place for my heart. One specific time that I will never forget is when I first stepped inside the Prayer Chapel at LaCygne. There was a drawing hung on the wall of an angel on her knees, head bowed towards the ground. Somehow that picture has stuck in my mind over the years, softly reminding me to surrender or to seek Jesus when I feel overwhelmed. And now whenever I return to Youthfront, it brings this reminder to my heart again of what the angel had done in the picture. This prompting to submit my own will to the plans of my Creator has impacted my spiritual life heavily. I naturally gravitate toward worrying and doubting, but Jesus has unquestionably been teaching me to wholly focus on Him.

I’m thankful He has given me the blessing of Youthfront to guide me during these past few years of my life. It’s truly beautiful when I can reflect on the stages throughout my journey and see exactly what Jesus had been planning all along. He has brought me farther than I could have imagined. He is good, and that is and will be my story as long as I am alive.

Eden Weyand, Volunteer at Youthfront LaCygne

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