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“Oh, what love to see and truly be seen.” There are very few places on Earth that embody this statement to the degree that Youthfront LaCygne does. The people who have invested in this place are people who run wholeheartedly to feet of Jesus, to fill up their cup and in return pour it unto others. Jacob and I have been the recipients of this incredible act of service for four summers and have been thoroughly blessed with the opportunity to contribute to it for the past two.

Jacob and I have been married for a little over two months now (WHAT?!?) and wouldn’t want to spend our time anywhere else. We are both students at Southwest Baptist University; I am studying vocal music education and Jacob is a biblical studies major. Jacob is infectiously passionate about coffee ministry and we have plans of opening a shop someday. We would love to use it not only as a place of safety, companionship, and discipleship, but also as a way to fund some sort of non-profit. They’re definitely big dreams but we’re already on our way! Jacob and I are hoping to jumpstart our coffee roasting company, Plague, this fall.

Much of the growth that we have seen in our own relationship has been the result of people investing in us and showing us the abundant and unfailing love of Christ. Many of those people are found at Youthfront LaCygne. This place breathes life because of the work that Jesus has done and continues to do. LaCygne teaches pilgrims, students who have chosen to spend a week in community with us, how to experience Christ in their daily journeys. We strive to instill unto them the amazing importance of prayer, service, and godly community. Pilgrims are encouraged to try out different ways of praying such as through prayer beads or color. They join us in serving our cooks through doing dishes and are immersed in daily community prayer.

Jacob and I have been forever impacted by the unfathomable love we’ve received from those who choose to look past our brokenness and see Jesus.

Kelsey and Jacob Nichol, Youthfront LaCygne 

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