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Gretchen Boxberger has spent many summers at Youthfront. She was a camper from 5th-12th grade, a Teen Staffer all four years of high school, and she is now on Summer Staff at Youthfront Camp West. She will be a freshman at Baker University this fall and she plans to study nursing. Gretchen took some time to share a little of her story with us.

Q: Why did you want to be on Summer Staff this year?
A: I think I pretty much thought about working my way up; when I was a camper, I wanted to be a cabin leader, so hopefully I’m going to cabin lead sometime in the future.

Q: What do you like most about Summer Staffing, and your job?
A: I think just the community that the Summer Staff has; it’s such different people who come from so many different places.

Q: What is your favorite memory from being a camper?
A: My favorite memory as a camper was when there was a tornado warning around camp. It was 2:30 in the morning so they had us all go down into the basement, but then we were all awake so we just had a party! That year I was really close with the cabin.

Q: What have you learned in chapel this summer that you have been able to relate to in your own life?
A: We have been reading Matthew 5, and this week we read the Salt and Light. It really made me think about the flavor of the world and who we are; if we lost the flavor we have in our community, there wouldn’t be a community. So I think I really connected to this lesson, along with the one last week about the Beatitudes–what it means to be blessed, and why are the meek and poor blessed vs. the powerful.

Q: Would you recommend Teen Staffing/Summer Staffing to others? Why?
A: Oh, for sure. Through Teen Staffing, I really found myself in who I wanted to be…I made friends with people who wanted to be in my life, and learn about my life; sometimes through high school, I felt like I didn’t have people who wanted to do that. Teen Staff was a community that I was able to always count on to be there for me and challenge me in my faith. Also, Teen Staffing teaches you how to serve and just to be selfless. And then for Summer Staffing, I love it so much already. Summer Staff teaches me more about how to be a leader to people I used to be on the same level with—not only just to learn more about them and their style of serving, but to be able to lead them.

Gretchen Boxberger, Summer Staff at Youthfront Camp West

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