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My name is Lizzy and I am currently serving my second summer on Teen Staff. This fall, I will be going into my junior year at De Soto High School. For me, Youthfront is a place that feels like home. I often wonder what it takes to make a place feel so comforting and home-like. Whenever present in the campgrounds, I just feel an overwhelming sense of joy along with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

My history with Youthfront stretches back to camping the summer before seventh grade. I had such an amazing time eating ice cream, blobbing, all of the typical joys a camper experiences. But one thing I remember sticking with me was how amazing the sense of community felt. Gathering for prayer, compline, and listening to the storyteller all together as a group gave me an incredible sense of fulfillment. Being with a group of people who are all on the same page as far as their faith was an incredible experience I never forgot.

This feeling of community continued to grow as I served camp as a member of Teen Staff. Growing in my relationship with Christ within a community filled with support and love is one of the things that made me who I am today.

I also visited Youthfront on a number of retreats with my church. I almost felt as if this camp was magic. As a camper, I was convinced that God was present more at Youthfront; there was no other explanation as to why I would feel so loved and impacted inside of camp. Whether it was camp or a retreat, there was something special about this place.

As I’ve grown and matured in my faith, I obviously stopped believing that camp was the only place I could feel such a deep spiritual connection. I came to the conclusion that the community and Christ-centered routine of camp is what created it’s magic. The camp creates a perfect environment for campers, staff and Teen Staff to grow in their faith.

The thing that makes Youthfront feel like home is the community. The people who are so uplifting and kind every day of the week; the people who are intentional in their conversations with you. Everywhere you visit around camp, there will be incredible people to spend your time with, whether it be on the dock, kitchen, or snack shop. Christ shines through the people at Youthfront, and that’s what makes it feel like home.

Lizzy Arnold, Teen Staff 

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