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As a lifeguard at Youthfront Camp West last summer, Molly Terlouw found meaning in serving campers and staff. Not only was she able to help thousands of campers experience a fun week of summer, but she also found authentic and loving relationships with the staff. Molly is a technical theatre major at Kansas Wesleyan University. She will be returning to serve on Summer Staff at Camp West as Overnight Security. Here is her story from last summer.
How did you first hear about Youthfront?

I first heard about Youthfront through the Church of the Resurrection children’s ministry. COR always sends a group to camp in the summer and I went in third grade through 7th grade for a week of camp. After being a camper every year at camp, I teenstaffed for a couple summers and loved every minute of that.

Molly2What motivates you to keep coming back to Youthfront, even if you’ve participated in YF activities before?

I keep coming back to Youthfront summer after summer because my year wouldn’t feel complete without it. The community and the people you interact with is so genuine. That kind of authenticity is so rare. Youthfront also helps recenter my faith and I’m so thankful to have that opportunity.

What are some of the challenges people your age face today?

In today’s world, college students face some pretty big challenges: worrying that their chosen field is not the right one for them, stress, and time management.

What is one lie that you fight against?

That you can’t do everything you set your mind to doing.

Does your involvement with Youthfront help fight against that lie?

Somewhat. There are so many things I’ve done at camp that I never would’ve done if I had not had courage, such as facing my fear of heights. It’s such a small thing, but it’s important because it showed me that I am capable of doing anything, even if I’m scared.

Do you think peer pressure is real or not?

I do think peer pressure is real… It becomes even harder to fight peer pressure when a friend tells you that you should join in, because you definitely want to but know that sometimes it isn’t in your best interest. Even though it’s hard to fight, you can always say “no” and it will always benefit you in the end.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from participating in YF programs?

I’ve learned that no matter what I’ve done or where I am in life, God is right there to catch me when I fall. Sometimes I just really need that reassurance, especially in times of extreme stress.

Has Youthfront helped you with any doubts you have about your faith?

Youthfront has brought me back to my faith. My mentor from COR died of cancer three and a half years ago and after that happened, I really didn’t want to be involved with the church. I didn’t understand why someone so amazing and someone who was such a light in so many lives would have to die so early in life. Returning to Youthfront last summer caused me to remember that even though she’s not physically here, she’s always here spreading her mission to the world through others.

Do you feel like Jesus is more real to you since you’ve been involved in Youthfront programs?

Jesus is very much real to me since I started going to Youthfront and I now see evidence of Him in the everyday.

If you could pick your favorite thing about Youthfront, what would it be?

Watching the sunset with friends, HYPE, talking about God and walking around the lake with people, and hanging out on the dock.

Why do people in our communities need to know about Youthfront?

Because Youthfront isn’t just a summer camp. It has so many outreach groups in our community as well as globally.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in your life by being involved with Youthfront?

I’m more willing to share my faith and shout to the world that I’m a Christian.



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