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Olivia’s Story

Olivia is a first-year Teen Staffer. She took some time to share her story with us!

Q: Tell me about yourself and your role here at Youthfront.
A: I started at Youthfront when I was in third grade, and I have gone every year since. I went to a Catholic School, but at Youthfront, I just felt a closer connection with God, because I was with other people who enjoyed things that I enjoyed, and we could actually have a good time while praising him. Then I started Teen Staff! This is my first year, and it has been so amazing; I have met so many cool people through doing this.

Q: What are some of your favorite aspects of Youthfront, and why have you wanted to keep coming back?
A: I think Youthfront is a community of people who are so amazing and down-to-earth, and who really enjoy doing what they do; it’s so cool to watch, and that inspires me to keep coming back.

Q: What do you enjoy about Teen Staff?
A: I was really nervous at first, because I was like “wow, I’m really young,” but they treat you like you are a part of the Summer Staff, and like you’re going to be here all summer. They constantly want you to come back, and you get to learn so many new things and a different side of Youthfront than you do from camping.

Q: How would you describe camp to someone who has never heard of Youthfront before?
A: I would say that if you like having fun in the summer, going to the lake, and getting to spend time with friends, but you also want to remain in your faith with God, then it’s the perfect place to be at all summer.

Q: How has Youthfront helped you in your faith journey?
A: I was going through a hard time when I was starting Youthfront, and through that, I have grown closer to God every year, not just spiritually but mentally as well; I know how to talk to Him more, and all of the cabin leaders are so open and are like, “what has God been talking to you today about?” It’s really cool to learn, and since you are in nature, you get to see him in so many different ways, rather than seeing him just at church.

Q: What are your favorite memories both as a camper and a Teen Staffer?
A: As a camper, I had a really great cabin leader, and she took us on a nature walk, but at the very end of the walk she said, “I didn’t just take you on this walk to look at nature, I wanted you to realize that God made all of this, and that He is so amazing that He can just put beautiful things in front of you just to look at.” So that was a really great memory, and then also just being on the blob and getting hurt—awesome things like that! For Teen Staff, my favorite memory was working in the kitchen and jamming to really old songs while we were cleaning.

Olivia Collet, Teen Staff

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