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During my summer at LaCygne, I experienced God’s love so many times. Let me share with you three examples:

At LaCygne, I worked in the kitchen and while it wasn’t always fun or easy work, I cannot imagine a better job because of the people there. My “boss” was an amazing girl named Shanna who really ended up being more of a friend. I learned a lot from her, and there is one thing she said that has really stuck with me. One night Shanna talked about how her feelings had been hurt by people not cooperating with how we were doing things in the kitchen and that it was hard because we were her community and we should be with and for her. This made her realize that at times she wasn’t on board for the weekly hike to the mosquito infested field, but that didn’t matter because Darec put so much work into that night every week, just like she put so much work into the kitchen and wanted people to support her. It didn’t matter if “altar field night” wasn’t her thing, because Darec is her person. I love thinking about community that way, and I am always sharing Shanna’s knowledge with others.

During the day, bells would ring at three set times and that would mean it was time for prayer, silence, and solitude. This would happen in the morning, at midday, and in the evening and these times could be difficult and uncomfortable. But I love the way the bells would interrupt my day and force me to focus my heart, attitude, and thoughts. I loved the scheduled time to help me spend time with God and discipline myself. I loved knowing that other people around the world were also taking part in these daily rhythms and I was a part of something bigger. The prayer time that sticks out to me the most from this summer was my last evening prayer. It was just the staff and volunteers and we were in the small, beautiful prayer chapel and as we sang everyone’s voices filled the room. It was so beautiful- the way we all sounded together. In that moment, I think everyone had to be able to feel God in the room.

One weekend, in between sessions, six staff members and myself went on an adventure to Buffalo River National Park in Arkansas. It was only a one night trip, so I am still trying to figure out how so much joy fit into such a short amount of time. We drove five hours talking about life, listening to Taylor Swift, playing games, and stopping for snacks. When we arrived, the place where we had intended to camp was crowded and lame, so we found our own place in the woods. I will admit, I was really scared at first but being cuddled up next to Sam, Taylor, and Amanda I felt very content in our tent. We went swimming in the river, sat around a campfire, but the best part for me was the hike. It’s crazy how creative, big, and beautiful our God is. I decided that hiking was like taking a walk through a painter’s masterpiece. I gained a new appreciation for nature and God and people. Sometimes it’s really important to just play with people; to go on adventures. I think God loves to see us play.

This summer was really good.

Haley Roach



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