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We’ll Call Him Brett


Brett seemed a little bit different than the rest of the crowd that week. A bit of an outlier, and seemingly unable to socially connect as well as the others. Brett did love the small group classes though, and attended one every opportunity he got that week. Because of that, the resident community got to know Brett pretty well, and they really enjoyed his character and quirkiness.

Friday came and the no-pressure Open Mic Night was just starting with acts ranging from One Direction to Shakespeare. As a bit of a surprise to everyone, Brett signed up for a musical number—something obscure—maybe from a musical at school he had seen and loved. Without any nerves at all he got up and sang his heart out. It didn’t sound great. But it was real.

To his delight, everyone in the packed Snack Shack gave a rousing applause. The loudest of the night. Brett shared at the end of the week that he had been bullied everywhere he’d gone in life. In fact, as only a sophomore in high school, he had already been through seven different schools trying to find a place where he could fit in and not be mistreated. He felt genuine life and companionship among the small group classes, fun opportunities like Open Mic, and the unrestricted acceptance of his personhood.

In our words, he experienced the love and compassion of Jesus Christ through the people present that week who have patterned their lives after the one who said “follow me.” To find Christ present in all facets of life, including the people we encounter is part of what it means to be fully alive. It is this life that we hope to extend to all who are willing to seek and find it.

Micah Thomas



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